レストラン一覧 Brands

Singapore Seafood Republic


Authentic Singapore seafood which you had never seen in Japan Singapore's most renowned restaurants have come together to bring the country's famous delicacies.

Nirvana New York

  Established 1970 at stunning penthouse location at central park in NY. Today, over 40 years later, Nirvana carries on its journey but in a new location Tokyo midtown.



The real Italian taste brought to you from Italian capital. We serve Tuscany’s traditional meals from Roma all the way to your table at Tokyo. The freshest ingredients are being prepared with passion and love, in order to provide you with a unique dining experience.



You can spend enjoyable time with Spanish dishes. We have a Spanish churros machine to offer you real churros. Please enjoy your day with us.



Established 1990 Bubby’s began as a wholesale pie company. Since from its beginning, Bubby’s has set the standard for traditional American food, cooking everything from scratch, using many traditional Family recipes from the best sources of ingredients available.Make sure to save room for Bubby’s world renowned pies!

博多らーめん 由丸


It is tonkotsu soup, broth of quality pork bone with soy sauce to order from a long–established store of Hakata added. The soup you are able to enjoy last sip.

ちゃんぽん 由丸


Our signature soup made with pork belly and bones, simmered with vegetables and seafood for this special noodle dish. You can also enjoy another populer dish ‘Sara Udon’. The steamed our house brand noodle is fried at restaurant saving topped with a sticky pork and vegetable sauce. There are variety dishes perfect for your company after your long day.